Sample the Fall Holiday CHOCOLATE SALON 2017 AR (Augmented Reality) Experience

The 2017 Fall CHOCOLATE SALON on November 19th will include a new AR (Augmented Reality) experience at the Chocolate Salon. This AR chocolate experience will expand the ability of attendees to interact, learn, and enjoy their overall chocolate salon visit. The AR will be seen in posters around the venue, magically coming to life in the “Daily Salon“, giving the same effect as the moving newspaper photos of the “Daily Prophet” in the Harry Potter movies.

To see how it works, try it now by following these steps:

  1. Download the App “Aurasma” from iTunes or Google.
  2. Install on your phone or tablet
  3. Use your email to set up an account.
  4. On Search/Discover Auras, Search then Follow the Channel, “ChocolateTV
  5. Print out the full page image above of the Daily Salon (click on image to enlarge, or point your phone at image the computer Screen)
  6. Press the Purple Circle at the bottom of the App, then scan the room until the Daily Salon image lines up.
  7. Wait for the Magic

Taste & Experience the finest in artisan, gourmet & premium chocolate. The Holiday and Seasonal chocolate show for the San Francisco Bay Area on November 19, 2017.